Making It With Mark LLC

Personal Chef - Private Cooking Classes
   The culinary world offers a colorful worldly pallet through a myriad of flavors, range of techniques and styles of cuisine. You have the option to choose a pre-set menu, menu ideas to combine at your choosing, or a special customized menu. Call or e-mail Mark to organize the date, menu and other necessary information (allergies, medical diets, etc.). Mark will pick the freshest of foods available, and substitute when it comes to non-seasonal or out of stock foods. After the cooking is over kick back and relax, because Mark will do the clean up.

Personal Chef

Meals are $65 per hour including shopping, cooking and cleanup. Groceries are not included. Mark will provide the basics: seasonings, flours, oils, flour, etc.

Private Cooking Classes

Classes are $65 per hour, including shopping, instruction, service, and cleanup. Groceries are not included. Shopping can be an outing to learn how to pick the freshest foods and learn how to substitute non-available foods.

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